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  • HD3 -The Next Generation

    High-Definition Ultrasound Imaging You Can Trust for Your Specialty

    Manage your exams anywhere and improve patient outcomes with clear, real-time imaging that is easy to use, affordable, and ultra-portable.


  • Prostate eCoil MRI Endorectal Coil

    DxTx Medical’s eCoil® are designed to help radiologists and urologists by providing high resolution imaging of the prostate. It offers high SNR and provides the sensitivity needed for multi-parametric and spectroscopy imaging for 1.5T and 3.0T. The small FOV and high spatial resolution images acquired with the endorectal coil are designed to assist the radiologist in improved sensitivity and specificity in diagnosis and aid in treatment planning for diseases of the prostate and surrounding anatomy. 



    DxTx Medical Launches GE 1.5T  P-Port eCoil Interface, learn more...


Meditron Upcoming Events

Unfortunately numerous events have been cancelled due to COVID-19 epidemic

ECR 22
Date: 14 July 2022
How to Increase Accuracy in Assessment of Liver Disease

Trafohalle Baden
Date: 01 September 2022
26th Annual SASRO Meeting 2022

Date: 27 October 2022
55th SSRMP Annual Meeting @ Thun

Glasgow, United Kingdom
Date: 21 April 2023